Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Failed Nuclear Family

We have a rule around here about September. We go nuclear.  That is to say; we re-focus our energy and attention to the home and to each other. This is always in response to the new schedule that Fall brings. Fenner starts a new grade; we have to shake off the summer's ferality and all of a sudden our home's cracks and dust and clutter starts to become apparent.

So we buckle down and prepare for the fall work ahead. It feels good to get back to's also no coincidence that the costs from any summer adventures also come to bear on our spending. So home is where we make our happiness. Being Canadian, the weather starts to cool down so I hanker for some bread and cooking.

We are feeling broke so we do things that make our dollars go further - we make more and buy local. Investing in each other and time together, reading, knitting, arguing and visiting. Our only goal is to get as much social, filial, productive bang for our buck.

This particular September is made even more intense because I paid tuition for the first time in more than 10 years. How can something I've wanted for almost 7 years be so incredibly nauseating and yet here we go, just beating the storm by minutes, only because we're running this game together.

Going nuclear as much as we's what saves us every fall. Hopefully, you'll see me hear a little more not because it's so original, the story of a working mom, goes to school and balances selling out day by day - but so I can track the memories as the days get filled up by all of our adventures.
Stay tuned.

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